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I would highly recommend this company I found them to be the most honest and caring people. My house was a wreck and the insurance company offered only a small amount of money to get it back to working condition and they negotiated brilliantly and you can see from the photos how beautifully everything was put back together. I am so glad they were on my side.

Sandra F

Public Adjuster Palmetto, Florida
Public Adjuster Bradenton, FL

With one call to Chris' company I was able to have the relief of knowing I was in the hands of experienced professionals. Chris took care of and setup the proper process and references to all the required parties which ended in me today being told my roof will be fixed. Great knowledge, fast response time, exceptional communication and a strong network; easily have me suggesting everyone to call Chris and benefit from their 'white glove' service level.

Chayah F

Hi. Chris Varn is the “man”. This insurance claim mumble jumble is overwhelming—not in my wheelhouse. Tried working with my insurance agents but rarely got returned calls or clear answers. Heard about Chris and his business. Hired him as my adjuster and best decision I made. He knew exactly what needed to be done and who to call to make it happen. While we were up north helping our brother in law who had a heart attack, Chris ran our claim, arranged contractors, dealt with insurance agents, and he was totally trustworthy. Chris returned all our calls and even advised us on how to get the most money. He knows his stuff. Proof is our final dollar figure that we physically got—not a promise or guess—actual check exceeded anything we expected. Bottom line—he’s the one to call when you need an expert to deal with your insurance claims!!!

Sonny T

Public Adjuster Sarasota, Florida
Pubic Adjuster Bradenton Sarasota

I had no clue what a Public Adjuster was before having my insurance company deny a claim on my house. Chris walked me through a process of how to get them to pay. When I was denied again, Chris stepped up once more and furthered the issue through various resources and eventually got it settled.......and then some! I never felt intimidated or made to feel unintelligent through this entire process no matter what questions I asked or when I needed things explained to me over and over again. I was told we'd be successful, and we were!!!

Jackie S

I am so happy to work with Chris! My insurance company was basically giving me nothing to do repairs and thanks to Chris and his company I can now do the repairs and I am so happy. So worth it! And he made it so easy.


Marlo A

Pubic Adjuster Bradenton Sarasota
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