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What's in a Name?

Public Adjuster Bradenton Sarasota Pensacola

When Diana and I got married in September 2018, we immediately left for Puerto Rico. Our honeymoon was a full year in beautiful Dorado, Puerto Rico. Here are some photos of the natural beauty (and delicious food) of Puerto Rico.

Public Adjuster Bradenton Sarasota Pensacola

The first photo is of the pool at the Ritz Carlton Resort in Dorado where I was able to go every day and swim laps in this amazing setting.  The waterfall is in El Yunque National Forest, the 3rd photo is overlooking Old San Juan, the 4th photo is a giant burrito at a local restaurant and the 5th photo is back at the Ritz.


While in Puerto Rico, we began attending an English speaking church at the home of Pastors Mark and Angela East.  I was re-baptized on February 2, 2019 by Pastor Mark. During the baptism, he said he was hearing the word "Banner".  He says, "I'm seeing an army charging, and I'm seeing the Banner carrier, the color guard... That's you! You've got the banner going forward. I think you're saying to the Lord by doing this again, 'I'm all in this, I'm all in this. I'm sold out, I know I am not my own.  I've been bought with a price.'"

Not long after this, I was asked to become a minority partner in a new public adjusting company that was started right there in Puerto Rico.  I agreed and, just like that, I was a small business owner.  When we were first starting that company, Diana gave me the scripture from Isaiah 59:19 that says "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him."  After three years of growing that company, Diana and I decided to start our own public adjusting company. This time, we would own the entire company instead of a percentage.


When I was trying to decide on a name for the company, I prayed about it because I knew God would come up with the perfect name. On February 2, 2022, I was in the shower and the name Banner popped into my head.  Then right behind it was Banner Adjusting & Claim Consulting (B.A.C.C.) and the tagline "We've got your bacc!" and immediately another tagline "Raising a new standard in public adjusting" (A banner is also called a standard).


After thinking about why "Banner" for a while, I remembered the words Pastor Mark said to me at my baptism and I looked back on my phone to find it.  Much to my surprise, the date was February 2, 2019, exactly 3 years prior to the very day I received the name of our new company.  Going back to Isaiah 59:19, some translations say "the Spirit of Jehovah will lift up a banner against him".  I knew that this would be the name of our company.

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