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What is a property adjuster?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

If you have ever filed an insurance claim for your home or vehicle, you have likely dealt with a property adjuster. Florida Statute 626.8548 defines an All-lines adjuster as “a person who, for money, commission, or any other thing of value, directly or indirectly undertakes on behalf of a public adjuster or an insurer to ascertain and determine the amount of any claim, loss, or damage payable under an insurance contract or undertakes to effect settlement of such claim, loss, or damage.” Essentially it is someone who gets paid to evaluate and estimate damages on behalf of an insurance company or public adjuster. This article is designed to help you understand the roles of different types of property adjusters.

Public Adjuster Commercial and Residential

There are 3 types of property adjusters.

1. Company Adjusters or Staff Adjusters: These adjusters are appointed and employed by an insurance company. They receive paychecks, company vehicles, bonuses and other benefits directly from the insurance company. These can be field adjusters, who come to your house and prepare an estimate for your damages, or desk adjusters who review the field adjusters estimate and provide coverage and payment determinations. Although they may appear to be “like a good neighbor”, they ultimately work for the insurance company and are bound by insurance company guidelines and standards that don’t always have your best interest at heart.

2. Independent Adjusters: These are adjusters that are self-appointed or appointed by an independent adjusting firm. Independent companies are hired by the insurance company when they either don’t have field adjusters, or their field adjusters are too busy to complete their work in a timely manner. Independent adjusters are still bound by the same insurance company guidelines that aren’t necessarily going to provide you with all the repairs you need.

3. Public Adjusters: Public adjusters are licensed by the state to prepare, complete or file an insurance claim for an insured party. In other words, they work for you, the policyholder, not the insurance company. They will inspect your damages and prepare an estimate based on real world construction best practices, not guidelines that cut corners for the insurance company. They have a network of emergency service companies, mold remediators, contractors and attorneys who will work together to get you the settlement you deserve.

Public Adjuster Near Me

If you think you might need the services of a public adjuster, please call me to discuss your claim. We will provide a free consultation, policy review and inspection of your property to determine how we can help. The only number you need is my direct cell phone number, (941) 226-9871.

Call or text anytime.

Chris Varn

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