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Hurricane Ian Preparedness

As an adjuster, I have been to almost every major hurricane on the East and Gulf coasts since 2004. The first hurricane I worked as an adjuster was Hurricane Charley. The first day I went on inspections was two days after Hurricane Charley blew through Florida like a runaway train. I had several claims to see in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. I was not prepared! I did not bring enough water or food for myself for the day. There was no power and nowhere to buy any food or water. After about my third claim measuring and inspecting roof damage in 95 degree heat, I was so thirsty I got water from a hose at someone's house and filled up a big gulp cup that was on the floor in my car. Sounds gross, but at the time, it was probably the best water I had ever tasted.

Needless to say, I learned my lesson and also don't want anyone else to be unprepared following a hurricane. As Hurricane Ian approaches Florida's West Coast, we wanted to share a checklist of items to have ready or in a supply kit to make life a little easier following a catastrophe.

Hurricane Checklist

In addition to the above items, always to remember to move outdoor furniture and other items indoors so they don't blow away or into someone's home. You can also put patio furniture in your pool if you don't have room inside. If you don't have a garage or carport, move your car away from trees that could be blown down. In some cases, power may return, but your cable and internet could be down for days or weeks. It's a good idea to have an antenna so you can see the news or instructions following the storm. You should also have a battery powered radio to hear about any assistance or receive news about when the utilities may return.

Since Hurricane Charley, I have responded to over 20 major disasters in 8 states in the US, earthquakes and Typhoons Debbie and Cook in New Zealand and Hurricanes Maria and Irma in Puerto Rico. During that time, I have seen damages ranging from minor roof leaks to complete total loss devastation. Diana and I actively pray against all incoming hurricanes, but when disaster strikes, you can count on me to be there for you every step of the way.

Hurricane Adjuster

Call me at (941) 226-9871 or go to our website at for more information. We are available to provide a free inspection and consultation to determine the extent of your hurricane damages, prepare an estimate for you and negotiate with your insurance company to make sure you get paid everything you deserve.

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