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Should you hire a public adjuster?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

If you are on this website, you may have heard that a public adjuster can help you with your insurance claim. You are probably also wondering if it is worth it to hire a public adjuster? I have been an adjuster for 27 years and I have worked hundreds of claims involving public adjusters both when I was working for the insurance company and now as a public adjuster myself. What I have found over the years is that hiring the right public adjuster will produce the maximum settlement for your claim.

Public Adjuster Sarasota

When I first came into the insurance industry, the insurance company I worked for would not assign files to me if there was a public adjuster involved. They only want seasoned adjusters to work on claims with public adjusters. Why? Because public adjusters typically have years of experience and know the policies inside and out.

This is still true today, when I get involved in your claim as your public adjuster, the insurance company will often reassign the claim to a seasoned desk adjuster to handle. This is beneficial to you because the more seasoned adjusters will have greater authority to settle claims. Additionally, some newer adjusters tend to favor the insurance company instead of the insured in any grey areas; whereas a more seasoned adjuster has seen it before and will know when to negotiate to get the claim settled. Sometimes the best claim is a closed claim.

When you hire a public adjuster, they are representing your best interests. They are the advocate on your side to do everything they can to maximize your claim payment. Remember, your public adjuster doesn't get paid unless you get paid. The insurance company adjuster gets paid the same whether they deny your claim or pay it. Unfortunately, it has been perceived that some company adjusters have received bonuses based on savings by denying or low-balling their claims.

Your public adjuster will use the same software as the insurance company called Xactimate, which is the industry standard estimating software. Most people outside of the insurance industry don't have access to Xactimate or know how to use it correctly. An experienced public adjuster will review every line item and make sure that all items are included, down to the smallest details like masking the floors or removing and reinstalling outlet covers when painting the walls. These small details add up to a significant difference in your claim payout.

Hiring a public adjuster will relieve the stress of dealing with the claims process. For example, the insurance company may request, per policy conditions, that you provide a signed and notarized Proof of Loss within 60 days. They may even provide a blank Proof of Loss form for you to fill out. Clients have stated that the Proof of Loss form can be confusing due to the format, ambiguous language and complex detail. Additionally, if you don't provide it within the time period, they may have grounds to deny your claim for not fulfilling policy requirements.

Public Adjuster Sarasota, Florida

Your public adjuster will prepare the Proof of Loss for you so all you have to do is sign it and have your signature notarized (I am also a notary, so I can do that for you too). This is just one example of many things the insurance company may request that a public adjuster can help with. You can relax knowing that your claim is in the hands of an experienced professional.

If you think you might need the services of a public adjuster, please call me to discuss your claim. We will provide a free consultation, policy review and inspection of your property to determine how we can help.

The only number you need is my direct cell phone number, (941) 226-9871.

Call or text anytime.

Chris Varn

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